Marmi Stone

The Authority on Natural Stone

Marmi is a major supplier of natural stone for architects, designers and contractors who serve luxury residential and commercial markets nationwide. As a vertically integrated company, we seamlessly coordinate every phase of material supply, fabrication and installation. We leverage long-standing relationships globally to provide our partners direct access to the deepest inventory of natural stone in the U.S. Our distribution specialists manage all logistics associated with the extraction, selection and shipment of slabs, cut to size materials, tile, mosaics, carved stone and architectural elements. When clients partner with us, we provide a wealth of technical knowledge to successfully guide their project to completion.




Marmi materials are renowned for their natural beauty. Our stone is hewn from the earth’s richest quarries and often transported across the world to our clients. We offer a refined selection of natural stone with an in-house inventory of over 500 stones of multiple bundles, sequential and book-matched slabs ranging from marble to exotic species.


With the vision to create a global company leveraging an international network of stone providers to serve a highly sophisticated and complex client has been a challenge but also a great opportunity.  




Marmonil, Marmi’s parent company, licenses more than 40 quarries of limestone, marble, and granite. At our quarries, we meticulously oversee extraction and quality control to yield exceptional color consistency in large quantities of limestone. Over three generations, we have cultivated strong relationships with other quarriers, and the friendships we have built afford us unique access to the highest quality, largest blocks on the market. We supply materials for projects of the grandest scale.




Our team of artisans combine cutting-edge technologies with old-world traditions to achieve advanced applications of the materials. Marmi craftsmen have extensive capabilities including cut to size, tile, custom mosaics, architectural elements and carved stone.



The shipment of pool coping, pavers for porte-cocheres, courtyards and wall cladding are all within our capabilities. We deliver customized materials to the nearest port of entry on a project.



Matching slab with tile requires the utmost precision, and for the right projects, our team can cut slab, tile and architectural elements from single or coordinating blocks. Our vast inventory of Italian white marble tile supports a variety of sizes and finishes.



Marmi’s team of craftsmen provide extensive services to achieve bespoke designs from hand-carved sinks to intricate water-jet designs.



Our company employs artisans in Ravenna, Italy, the world-renowned capital for mosaic arts. Although the art form has evolved since antiquity, we draw inspiration from time-honored techniques and materials with every mosaic commissioned. We create Roman and Byzantium mosaics for residential and commercial applications.



Marmi’s crew of highly skilled hand carvers transform blocks of natural stone into elements a client envisions. Marmi transforms blocks of natural stone into the specified elements client envisions whether it be a carved sink or a tiered fountain.


The company has an unrivaled access to natural stone, years of stone production experience and a team of people committed to transforming this industry  




The quality of our materials is only superseded by the level of service we strive to provide. At Marmi, service is at the heart of all that we do. We are more than a supplier. We are a partner. Years in the industry have taught us how to anticipate our client’s needs and provide the resources to meet them. Unforeseen problems can crop up at anytime during a project, but in the history of our company, we have never encountered a problem we couldn’t solve. We’ve learned a lot of lessons in the field. We’ve learned the value of collaboration and the value of keeping our word. Our company is built on the unchanging principle of integrity. At Marmi, clients receive a higher commitment to quality and to service.