Our Difference

Marmi Natural Stone is a major curator of stone from around the world serving both the residential and commercial markets. In addition to owning many quarries in Egypt, Marmi has direct access to the most select quarries in other parts of the world, sourcing and maintaining the finest and deepest inventory in the US. With direct operations in Egypt, Italy, Spain, Dubai, the United States and global partners throughout the world, Marmi can manage the process from extraction to the shipment of slabs, “cut to size,” tile, mosaics, carved stone elements, and architectural elements anywhere in the world.


Our Quarries

With a business model that leverages our vertical integration, Marmi’s access worldwide is second to none. In our continuing commitment to deliver the highest quality stones and to augment our international purchasing acumen, we license over 40 quarries in Egypt, largely in the area east of the Red Sea. With this exceptionally strong access to high performing limestone, we control the extraction phase and quality control in large quantities with exceptional color consistency.

Owning and managing quarries also places Marmi into an arena that has afforded us powerful relationships with other quarriers. With friendships and business relationships dating back two generations, we are well positioned to gain access quickly to the highest quality and largest blocks.


Slab Inventory

With access to quarries through our operating partners worldwide, Marmi offers an in-house inventory of over 400 colors of high quality, multiple bundles of sequential and book-matched slabs of many of the most popular marble and exotic species of natural stone.



One of the great challenges of design with stone is the matching of slab and tile. For the right project, Marmi can cut slab, tile and architectural elements from the same block or coordinating blocks. With an inventory consisting of the most popular Italian white marble tile, it is an easy process to choose from a variety of sizes and finishes.


Architectural Elements

From hand-carved sinks or corbels to intricate water-jet designs, Marmi’s artisans both in Atlanta and its international operations can provide the most discriminating clients a wide range of options to complete their custom design.


Cut To Size

Pool coping, pavers for porte-cocheres, courtyards and wall cladding are all within the capability of Marmi shipping these elements directly to the nearest port of entry to the project. Since the full logistics package is handled by the Marmi team, the architect, contractor or designer can prepare the project for the stone to arrive at the site.


Custom Mosaic

Marmi’s artisans in Ravenna, Italy, the renowned capital of mosaic masterpieces and mosaic artisan education, create exquisite Roman and Byzantium mosaics. These mosaics are representative of the custom tile that have graced the finest homes and majestic castles throughout the centuries. Original designs or those taken from patterns, art or inspired by nature can be transformed by Marmi artisans into mosaics for any residential or commercial application.


Carved Stone

With a team of highly skilled hand carvers, Marmi can transform a block of natural stone into a client’s desire to have a carved sink, bathtub, fountain or any element that might delight.