Bespoke Fabrication

In addition to being a world class distributor, Marmi also offers the service of an award winning boutique fabrication and installation team, who specialize in the most complex and intricate design detail. As an important value added element, the Marmi team offers a discerning eye on the trending use of natural stone and provides firsthand experience and knowledge of how the most delicate and desired stone performs in application.


High Tech Advantage

Keeping abreast of the most current equipment and programming to streamline our timeline and to augment our process efficacy, Marmi uses state of the art technology across the process from estimation, onsite templating, electronic sharing of “nesting” photography on client’s actual slabs, through fabrication to final installation


In House Estimation and Technical Support

With a full Estimation and Technical Support team consisting of experienced Interior Designers and Architects, Marmi utilizes their expertise to maintain the entire process in house.

Beginning with the most sophisticated on-screen digitizing and takeoff software, the client is assured that all areas within the project scope are captured. Followed up with high quality, detailed and well-presented shop drawings, the chance for surprise in fabrication and thus installation is greatly minimized. This thorough, experienced technical support confirms that any challenges are confronted and solved in the early stages of the project.


Accurate Measuring on Site

Capitalizing on the use of several in-field measuring programs, Marmi’s templating team is prepared to cover any possible measuring scenario accurately and efficiently. The digital files produced by these programs are then transferred to the high resolution photo of the client’s slab(s). The photos produced in Marmi’s onsite Photography Studio are both dimensionally and color accurate.


Electronic Slab Nesting and Visualization

With the high resolution photos, accurate layouts illustrating seams and veining are created for electronic review and confirmation by the client. Once approved, the files of the approved layouts are exported to the Marmi Fabrication team.


3 Dimensional Rendering

Along with Marmi’s technical CAD drawing capabilities, the team also used a myriad of 3D rendering programs to create a very detailed 3D renderings to help articulate specific details to the customer. The 3D renderings are also very accurate for developing complex manufactured elements so that final assembly is seamless.