About Us

Marmi Natural Stone is a major curator of bespoke stone from around the world serving both the residential and commercial markets. As a vertically integrated company, with production facilities in Egypt, Italy, Spain, Dubai and the United States, Marmi can manage the process from extraction to installation. Working with selected fabricators, Marmi Natural Stone also supplies slabs and cut to size stone for delivery throughout the globe.

In addition to owning 50 quarries in Egypt, Marmi has direct access to the most select quarries in other parts of the world, sourcing and maintaining the finest and deepest inventory in the US. With an award winning boutique fabrication studio, who specializes in complex and intricate design detail, the Marmi team offers a discerning eye on trending use of natural stone and provides firsthand experience and knowledge of how delicate and desired stone performs in application.



Marmi’s commitment to service is reflected throughout its organization, from the initial design consultant to the ultimate installer. Each member of the Marmi Team is devoted to client satisfaction and the quest for perfection in every project regardless of its complexity or subtle simplicity.


Marmi Vision Statement

To be the preeminent natural stone company where our work, our passion for excellence and our relationships delight our clients, partners and even ourselves.


Marmi Mission Statement

To transform the stone industry by optimizing technology, utilizing process efficacy and who service customers with ease and proficiency.


Core Values


Collaboration is a working practice whereby individuals work together to a common purpose to achieve business benefit. It is the grease that oils the wheels of performance.


Integrity is the quality of being honest with ourselves and others, completing tasks, exceeding expectations, and keeping promises. It is delivering both good and difficult information with the clarity, timeliness and honesty that our inner compass demands.


Kindness is the personal quality of being polite, friendly, considerate, and respectful and helping people with whom you interact feel valued.


Precision is the quality of being exact and accurate thus paying meticulous attention to details, measurements and communications in all circumstances of our business. It compels us to double check and verify and assume nothing.


Passion is an intense desire and enthusiasm for learning and developing as a person and professional. It is a drive that is innate and organic – you are born with it and can’t fake it!